A CIFI - UNIMED subnetwork for Rail and Maritime Transport in MEDA


The Subnetwork RAILMED - A Project for MEDA 2020 was established with the aim of creating, as a not for profit  cultural project, a network of experts in  Logistic and Transport, as well as in economic and social field, to allow the exchange of experiences in research and training, so as to contribute to the integration process among the Mediterranean banks.


The activities to be developed are:


- promote scientific, social, economic and legislative studies on rail, road         and maritime transport;


- enhance the role of transport experts in the mediterranean region;


- contribute to improving technical knowledge,  as the training and skilling of

   transport industry workers;


- promote the search of informations about the calls and opportunities

  provided by European or International agencies;


- encourage the search for partners;


- create a platform for technical assistance in projects development;


- promote the exchange and mobility of companies and experts in 

  mediterranean area ;


-organize conferences, debates, seminars and panel discussions at

 international level;


- create a permanent observatory on the development of rail transports

  in Mediterranean countries