Supervision 2.0 - New SCADA Application for Monitoring and Diagnostics


Gianpaolo Ghirardello

Sysnet Telematica SrL (Italy)

Supervision 2.0 - A Powerful SCADA to Supervise the Station auxilary systems
Sysnet supervisione 2-0 CIFI-Bari 18-04-
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Leandro Galletti

GE Transportation SpA (Italy)

GE Transportation SpA
GE CIFI BARI 18-4-2013rev1 ENG.pdf
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Luca Benedetti

GE Transportation SpA (Italy)

GE - Axle Counters - Diagnostics Systems
GE Diagnostica Centralizzata CIFI BARI I
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Roberto Carpena

Microelettrica Scientifica SpA (Italy)

SCADA 2.0 - New Application on Railway System for Monitoring and Dyagnostic
CIFI_Bari_18_04_2013_rev 3_eng 1.pdf
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