January:    The Crossroad Role of Iran in "The EurAsian Rail Freight and

                  Logistic Game" (Italy - Iran)

February: The Logistic Platform Italian  (Italy - Turkey)

March:       Geotechnical engineering for high speed train ballasted railway

                  tracks (India)

April:          The Transsiberian Rail Corridor - Present Situation and   

                   Future Prospects (Russia)

May :          Moscow Saint Petersburg high speed railway (Russia)

June:          Infrastructure and High speed trains between Helsinki and

                  St.Petersburg (Finland)

 July:           Local planning of the Brindisi hub - Agreement Protocol of

                   "Grande Salento" (Italy)

September: Kenya Railway (Italy)

October :    Mega Project - Suez Canal Project (Egypt)

November:  Tanger Med, a world class logistic and industrial platform (Morocco) 

December:  The Pretoria - Johannesburg rail link (South Africa)